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Originally Posted by skimmin View Post
Thanks. I have a mixed opinion on toppers as they limit the size of what goes in the box. But I got this one used for $200, pretty mint as it came off a 2007, and even colour matched! I couldn't say No. Just got some pricing on a new set of Duratracs. In Calgary i got a quote at Poorboy tire for 285's everything including taxes for $1276 or 265's for $1089. I'm really torn. 285 or 265? I'm pretty sure i can fit 285's with no rubbing because 265's fit sitting stock with these offset wheels. I just don't know if I can stand the thought of even worse fuel mileage lol.
Id go with the 285's it honestly wont kill your gas mileage any extra that will make much of a differece, maybe a mile or 2 per gallon at the most. Ive had 235's, 32's, and 33's and it really didn't change to much with my 4.10 gears.

On a side note, DAMN on those prices holy crap. I paid 740 out the door for my 33 MT's. Now acourse that was through my work but still even if I was a regualr customer it wouldn't have been higher than 900 or so. Gotta love 15 inch wheels.
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Ill be back

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