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Default The Official Georgia Picture Thread.....

Well we had an awsome time. Thankes to the Georgia Boys they showed us one hell of a good time.. And they also Tought us that if the whole looks fun it dont mean try it..llol.. Well enough talking and time for some pictures..[/I]


Well this staruday off the day.. Doing a lil Rock Climbing.. On The Side Oh Hooters,,,

The Meeting Of The Minds..

And then the wheeling Stared.. Kinda sucked that i couldent take mine.. but when we actully got out there... I was DAME glad I did No Take mine...:ford:

The Guy With The Jeep we met...

Well when we first got to the trail and on the drive to the trail.. Someone got the bright idea to throw Mud On my hood of my truck and my windshiled 4 times.. I told Him Pay Back would be a Well we got to leave the trail and i Gunned it and this is what happened...

Well here are the trucks all Dirty..

Well thats it for know.. I have a ton more but i am trying to go threw them and get the good looking ones.. Be on a lil later to hopefully finish...:madfawk:
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