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do you post over at F-150forum do you? i posted in a thread titled "machinists" ( ) over there. it seems i remember you saying you were a member over there. or maybe im on crack ha ha. anyways, as far as advice, learn as many different machines as possible, from manual mills, lathes and grinders all the way up to the cnc machines. if possible try and get into an apprentice program or just a job at a machine shop. i learned more from the old toolmakers that i worked under than i ever did at school. im not saying school is bad, it will teach you the fundimentals but real world experience is were the real learing happens. if you have any other questions feel free to ask me, im happy to share any experience i have.

yea that was me...i just didnt remember who all said and who didnt so iv been asking different people who do it for a living for advice
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if i could have a orgy with rangers id pick...oh yeah thatd be the shit (im being sarcastic i would never have sexual relations with a truck...maybe)
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