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Default Re: Switchback LED question...

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Stop buying led bulbs off ebay to

either get them from or

My entire truck and car are using v-leds and I've never had a problem with them. They are expensive yes, but honestly when it comes to it their stuff always works. Same with superbrightleds.

I've read way too many strories like this from ebay leds...

Switch backs aren't my thing but I have the same as the link above but all amber... you can fit the 92mm led version in our headlight because that's what I am running. I will get pics and a video up tonight of them.

I would have to say "stop buying plug-n-play LEDs" to start. Ebay, V-LEDs, Superbright LEDs. All the same.

None of these plug-n-play items will give you a safe brightness for daytime operation. Not to mention, there is no voltage regulation. The die's are cheap and the LEDs aren't very reliable.
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I'm dying to see this at night. Someone go tell the sun to give up already.
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Your the man, you bring our dreams to a reality within the lighting spectrum
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Jp7 you always do AMAZING work! Hats off to you sir
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People so often confuse "hating" with "knowing better".
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