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Default Re: NO HEAT Troubleshooting Guide

Ok FireRanger, or Anyone
I followed the diagram to the T and still no heat. Im quickly loosing my mind and the kids currently have more money than I do! At this point I have replaced the tstat, temp. control knob, had the system flushed, the blends door checked, the heater core checked, and the system vaccumed of all air. Still no heat. The intake and return hoses to the heater core are hot. The dash board temp comes up just above the cold mark after a good drive(it has always done this, even when it had heat)Still blows straight cold air. Im at a loss. I took it to a local little shop and the older man had it over night and when I came back to check the progress he looked at me me with a little smug smile and said "let me ask you little lady, are you sure this truck once had heat"? haha he said it was the biggest mistery to him bc he couldnt find the problem!! so ANY more suggestions ANYONE can give me would be great.
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