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Default How much does your truck weigh?

I googled the hell out of this subject and it seems that most sites are just copying one another with little or no concern for various options, engine size, tranny type, fluids etc. So I went down to the metal recycler and put my Ranger on their scale and all I can say is "Holy lard ass Batman!! My '01 4x4 Off Road 4.0 4 door auto stepside with stock wheels and tires and half a tank of gas weighs in at a whopping 4100 pounds with me in it. My 76 Bronco 302 with a full roll cage was nearly 400 pounds less! My '90 Ranger 2WD 4.0 auto is allegedly in the 3200-3300 lb vicinity. How 'bout the rest of you-- any hard data? thx
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