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Default Re: NO HEAT Troubleshooting Guide

Your troubleshooting guide looks good. I tried following it, but am now stumped. Here is the issue: I do not have heat in the cab of the truck. Following your guide, I topped off the radiator, and let the engine warm up. The temp gauge is middle normal. Seems to me that only one of the hoses to the heater core is hot, but it is not the in hose, which seems to contradict what should be happening. I verified that the hot water valve is not stuck closed, as it does close in the off and max AC settings, and is open otherwise. Both vacuum hoses are hot (I believe I am looking at the correct hoses.) I would really appreciate some additional guidance. Thanks a bunch! (I'm new to this forum/posting/thread thing, so please forgive any hiccups on my part)
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