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Default JBGold build thread

Figured I would put this on here not only for you all to see but so i can realize how far the truck has come

Close to when i got the ranger

My first ever mod Brush guard

And yes i put that on in the snow on Christmas I really wanted it on

Underbody leds went on not long after(good Christmas)

Lights on the brush guard almost immediately 2-3 days i think

Sound system(not to bad still deciding on how to face subs)

Probably one of the stupidest mods I did Make shift light bar out of Pvc It did the job (Improvements were made like shrinking down)

Lights went on top

first offroad trip pretty boring alone

decided to put some door lights or puddle lights however you want to call them on(How To)

friend thought his expo was taller than me proved him wrong

Expo roof rack on


more lights

How she sits now(day)

How she sits now (night)

Any constructive criticism is welcome
Truck: 2000 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0 4x4 ext cab
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