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Default Re: '99 Rough idle/Misfire 2.5L

Thanks for the lesson! Makes sense to me. I knew it had something to do with how quickly the filaments are cooled in the MAF sensor but didn't really grasp it.

Yeah, I gapped the plugs correctly per the little decal / emissions sticker on my front clip. I changed my plugs and wires at 60,000 miles, and then at 120,000 miles. I first used napa wires (motorcraft plugs) then went to motorcraft wires (autolite plugs).

The plug and wire changes/differences made absolutely no difference in how the truck performs at idle. I cleaned the throttle body and IAC again and, no difference. I could put in the world's greatest plugs and wires and there won't be any difference.

I guess if I've been driving it like this for roughly 80,000 miles, why can't I drive it for another 80 grand like this? I guess things slowly work on my nerves...

Maybe one day i'll just buy a stupid new MAF sensor and slap it on there, if that helps.
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