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Default Re: ? for turkey hunters!

Originally Posted by StxDangerRanger View Post
I'll give you a quick guide on how to bag your first turkey.
You have an 870 Express, pretty common shotgun, So you want to pick up one of these, They're the best. I use the Gobble Stopper.
now that you have a Choke tube, lets talk about ammo.
I use a 5 shot. you should know what shoots best in your gun, so buy that brand. (i use Hevi-shot FWIW)

your going to want a turkey call, its damn near impossible to hunt them without one. I would get a Scratch style one, or a box. they're simple and relatively cheap. Then learn about a few different types of calls. (just one or two) and use them.

Now, you've got the proper gun, proper ammo, and a call.
Lets talk about shooting that first turkey. Find out where the Turkey roost at night, your going to want to start your hunt kind of close to that spot. usually Downwind, against a tree. You'll want to wait and see/hear your first couple turkeys, If your going to take any 'ol turkey, then find one that is closet. They may not come in very close at first, i find the best way to deal with that is to follow them until the group stops to eat, then call a few times. that usually draws them in.
Once the turkey is within range, you want to shoot it in the head/neck region. the best spot will be right where the skin meets the feathers. Shoot there. don't miss.
If you hit the turkey anywhere else, he's gonna run and you'll ruin your meat.

Thats how i hunt, i've shot a few Turkey, but i know there are other methods out there. so, just figure out a system that works for you. Now go get a turkey!

so a number 4 steel shot will work just dandy for me? i have no real shortage of steel shots since i attempt to hunt ducks usually but not this year


choke says no steel shot looks like im buying more ammo

i cant even afford a choke, part of why i hunt its my lunch!
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