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Default Re: '99 Rough idle/Misfire 2.5L

It would probably die out if you blew on the sensor.


That sensor relates the temperature drop of an element to determine how much air is flowing. It takes this measurement through the tiny hole. Then it pretty much scales the value to associate with the whole size of the MAF.

So when you are blowing on that tiny sensor area, the truck is really thinking its getting a whole lot more air than it really is. So you blowing just a tiny bit would make the computer think that you are essentially blowing what a leaf blower would be blowing into the engine. So it floods the engine (rich). Plus you have to take into account that the throttle body is closed at this time, so even if you was blowing that volume it would never reach the cylinders

Did you gapped the spark plugs? Some people say they are pre-gapped but they really aren't. You should always check the gap before install. Just checking
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