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Originally Posted by padilla94 View Post
Its far from clean lol. When I got it, the engine compartment was COVERED in caked on dirt. Still gotta work on the brakes, heater core's broken, might need water pump. I just washed it really good haha

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I bought mine for $750 with 170k miles on it. It's a rust bucket, every time I fix something, something else breaks, and so far I have put in a full felpro headgasket set, head bolts, gates timing belt, timing tensioner, water pump, lower front shock bolt, corner light, shift knob, two tires, a rim, full coolant flush/backflush, synthetic oil change, etc.

Now a rear axle seal and the clutch slave cylinder is leaking, the welds on my drivers side radiator core support broke off, and so much more. Feel lucky
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