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Default Re: '99 Rough idle/Misfire 2.5L

Originally Posted by RobMD View Post
Nope, I didn't know that. For some reason, it looks like in '02 they went back to the 2.3L. Looked under the hood one time, didn't look like it had multiport ignition.

As far as i'm concerned, multiport is B.S.
They changed in mid year 2001. before 2001 1/2 it was the SOHC Lima after 2001 1/2 they change to a DOHC Duratec engine (totally different).

Alot of cars now and days have dual spark setups. The new Challengers do (imagine paying for 16 platinum spark plugs when doing a tune up.) Dual spark was developed by the Japanese a long time ago.

Any luck with the swapping?
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