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Default Re: Brand new Ranger. Check Engine Light is on. ODBII codes 0455, 0446, 1633

Originally Posted by dvrich View Post
It's under warranty, why are you going to auto zone to find out codes? A missing or poor sealing fuel cap will definately turn the CEL on.
Let the dealer service dept do their job.
New truck with a missing fuel cap is a first for me.


A dealer will never have a problem giving out a loaner.
My dealer has tried to fix my CEL for P206 Evap-related code, three times. I'm getting ready to start the lemon law process actually. They absolutely have no clue as to why it's coming on. It's not the gas cap, believe me I'm looking for this when I put gas in so I know I've got it on as f&%$# tight as it will go. 1st trip to dealer (They simply re-set it) told me come back if it comes on

2nd trip to dealer, dealer "Smoke-tests" my entire EVAP-fuel system whatever that means, re-sets light and tells me they couldn't find anything and nothing is wrong, but bring it back if the CEL comes on again and we will have to replace ECM.

3rd trip CEL on again about 800 miles later and the dealer replaces ECM with new unit per Ford request.

F%$#^ light is back on 1100 miles later, I break down and get my own code checker thingy from Autozone, it's telling me P206 Evap system-monitor. I took truck back to Ford and showed them the code per my code checker in the service drive. My advisor tells me this BS that my gas cap is loose, and I tell him no it's not I'm double checking it ever fill up, he says clear the code and bring it back if comes back on. I cleared it 200 miles ago and it's back on. WTF

I bought this truck "NEW" so I wouldn't have any problems. A "New Truck" should not have a CEL, better yet one that they have roughly been making the same thing for over 23 years. At what point to you leave the F$%^& truck with them and demand your money back, because your sick of spending money on rentals, loosing money because you are constantly taking the thing back to the dealer, and because you should be working not having your F$%# truck being worked on.

I use this truck for work, so when I don't have it I'm loosing an S%&!-load of $$$ Ford only pays for a rental car but not a rental truck. So I've been paying for rental trucks out of pocket. (I really loved the last 2011 Tundra they gave me for the day 5.7L iForce V8 and all!) but thats another story. End of rant.
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