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Default Re: Brand new Ranger. Check Engine Light is on. ODBII codes 0455, 0446, 1633

Originally Posted by Birknasty View Post
So I just picked up my new Ranger monday. I'm loving it so far.

Today I noticed the check engine light came on. So I went to autozone and got them to read the ODBII codes for me.

0455: EVAP leak detected
0446: EVAP purge/vent solenoid condition
1633: ECM keepalive memory (KAM) voltage too low

When I got the truck, it didn't have a gas cap. They gave me one from the service department and the gas cap light went off. Today these all came on.

So it looks like 0455/0446 are probably related, possibly because there was no cap earlier this week?

I'm not sure about 1633.

Does anyone have experience with these? I was supposed to go out of town tomorrow, is it safe to drive it or should I take it in tomorrow morning?
Birknasty- I know this is an old thread of yours, but the EVAP code is the same one my 2011 keeps throwing. Been in twice with dealer for it, second time they replaced the ECM. Still hasn't come back on but I havent driven enough miles yet to really tell if that fixed it. What ever ended up with your truck.
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