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Default How-To: HURST Rattle Silencer Mod

Ok so for some reason, my tranny likes to make my Hurst shake horribly only in 3rd and 4th gear. No idea why, but gears 1,2,5,R are stiff and make virtually no rattle/noise. But I grew tired of the rattle and decided to find a way to silence it. Here's my conclusion.

Take off the shift bezel on the floor board using a phillips screw driver ( after taking the hurst shift boot out of the bezel).

Next go to the home depot, carpet store and buy some of their thickest carpet padding. Yes, carpet padding. I bought the kind that was almost an adhesive film on the bottom (the red stuff), it stays together better than the stuff without the sheet. I bought 2 sq. ft. for $1.25, so it's a cheap mod.

Flip the bezel upside down and just eye-ball how big of a square you think will fit in there... I want to say it's about 5x5 or 6x6 (inches) or something close to that... Cut it out and lay it in the bezel that's flipped upside down.

I used 3 layers before I put it in the truck, as shown in the below pic. Then you want to make a slice in the layers where the shifter comes up. I used my knife and cut an "x" where it comes up and slipped the bezel and padding layers over it. Once I had it in, I used 1 more layer of padding. It's extremely packed under the bezel now.

Then just because I had extra padding, I made another one to go inside the boot.

What it looks like without the boot on.

Then slide the boot back on and screw the screws back on the floor plate for the bezel. Put the ball back on the shifter and you're done. I think this took me about an hour to do and a whopping $1.25... And it completely silenced the rattle coming up through the shifter from the trans. Well worth it, and it's cheap and easy.
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