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Default Re: Flashing glow plug light

This forum is the biggest pile of crap ever, fitting for the Ford Ranger which is also a pile of crap.
All I want to do is ask a question for some technical help but it's impossible. what the hell is this site actually for???
I have a 2004 diesel Ranger with a problem that no-one can help with!
Ford say they can't help cos it's a Mazda engine, Mazda don't want to know cos it's a Ford badged vehicle and all the parts, despite being Mazda parts will have Ford numbers so they can't help!!!!!!!
I've taken the stupid thing to an independant diesel specialist who diagnosed the fault as either a faulty crank sensor OR a faulty injector pump speed sensor, but they can't determine which! Either way it's gonna cost about 300 to tell me which it is and then an astronomical, undeterminable amount to put right!!!! All because of a flashing glow plug lamp!!! It'd be cheaper to scrap the thing despite spending 5k on it less than a year ago!!!!!


Is there anyway of putting a question to any ranger enthusiasts??????????????????????????????????????? ?????
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