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Default Re: 3rd 2011 Florida Meet Plannin Thread

Originally Posted by Ranger beater View Post
Hopefully this time will be better. What if we met up at a store and assigned items ? I can get what ever just let me know. Hey pat are you gettin the weiners?
I think it shouldnt be a problem just getting people to get the stuff before hand and just have it when we meet. Will do and i think yall are the ones that love them weiners.
Originally Posted by wyman00 View Post
If you have any more food requests, let me know and I will see if I can get the gf to make something. Or, I can bring something else too. And Pat...I will be keeping my engine!
We should have no problem getting people to get store bought food so id say get your gf to make some delious dessert again, that stuff last time was so good! pshhh, keep dreaming, im taking it
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