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Default Re: The Offical Vent Thread.

Originally Posted by 99RangerAlfredo View Post
im sick of hearing these girls complain about how nobody loves them and how they'll never find a man to treat them right ... so the douche boys lead them on and break their hearts over and over. i'm tired of it all!! honestly, if you want to be treated like a princess you belong in kenner bruh! only kenner/metairie girls expect to be treated that way ... everyone else out here realized that PRINCE CHARMING DIED YEARS AGO! chivalry is not alive and well ... so in the real world ... where i bust my ass for everything i have ... i appreciate what people do for me. i love when people just hang out with me much less spend money on me. and if someone drops a dime on me i want to buy the next thing we do. be it dinner, movie, tickets, anything. i believe in equals ... you treat me right i'll return the favor you fuck me over you can kiss me goodbye.

Ahhhh so true. I hate going on FB and seeing all these dumb ass bitches about how they can't get a man. And how they got knocked up with a kid at 17 and are now struggling. Sry bitch it was ur own decision.

Also, I'm tired of this god damn water all over my state. Go in the rivers damn you.
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Yeah they are pricey, blow it out and lube it up!
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That's what she said?
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