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Just to clear some things up.....I'm in the same situation as the OP, Sean. Only have one key to the truck. A few years ago, just after I got the truck, I went to get a spare key made. Here lies the problems....they can only be programmed in PAIRS off the bat. Meaning, you gotta have 2 to make any 'new' keys work on the damned PATS system. To get that 2nd key if you've only got 1 key, requires a PATS reprogram which runs about $90, then the key, the cut, and the programming bringing the grand total quote I recieved to right about $180 to get 1 new key done. Any additional down the road is simple and easy and pretty cheap since you can do all the programming by yourself.

Some trucks have PATS, some don't. Depends on the year and the model. My little brothers 01 XL doesn't have PATS, but my 01 XLT does. My buddy's 04 XLT doesn't. See what I mean? If you've got a 'theft' light that flashes on the dash when the key is out of the ignition, you've got PATS.
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