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Default Re: FRF Afterhours / BS Thread II

sorry I was upset. I asked a friend of mine a whie back,that I haven't seen for about 7 months if we could get together sometime. he say's he's busy and I believe him, with a full time job, a part time job and he does mechanic work in his garage for neighbors, friends and co workers. However, it seems lately that even though he tells me he is busy, I find out that he's gone out drinking, or to a friends house (a friend of mine as well) or is just sitting around on facebook. I asked him about 3 weeks ago if He'd like to meet me at the local horse track for an evening of fun. a week later, he told me he was "working late and couldn't make it" - ok, no problem. Then, earlier tonight, I find out he's going to a party that evening.
Now, I'm not mad that he's going to a party, I am mad that he told me he was working late and couldn't go with me to the races. this guy has been my friend for over 28 years and we only see each other maybe twice a year. (he only live's 35 miles away)

also, earlier, he was online but ignored everyone of my emails and "chat" posts.
I have always hated the feeling that i'm being ignored. I know all of you have live's to live and I try to remember that. It's just that 3,4,5 people are posting on FRF in the "after hours" forum, then I make a post and suddenly, nobody is posting anymore, I get a feeling like nobody wants me to around, kind of like in school, when the dorky kid enters the class, everyone turns their backs to him, hoping that he will just "Go away"
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