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Default Re: Belt has the worst squealing noise

I ran into the same trouble soon after i bought my truck. I replaced the idler pulley, power steering pump and pulley as well as a new dayco belt with no change.... the dayco belt actually made it worse. At the time the "new" remanned alternator from Autozone was 3 months old. I read a lot of forums and such on the issue which led me to replace the belt with a gatorback. Solved the problem for about a week. When the squeak came back I decided to negate any other options from the table and replaced the automatic tensioner. Problem has never returned in 6 months. Thing is the old tensioner did not flop around at idle or under acceleration, but when i compared the old to new it had a really weak spring. Maybe my trial and error will help someone save some money down the road replacing "guess" parts.
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