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Default Re: Funniest police comments

Originally Posted by cwc ranger View Post
I remember when i had my white ranger, I was heading to my girlfriends house from a friend of mines.

I had just tinted my lights with some Wally-World 99 cent black spray paint and installed my aux lights in the front, and just put my "Military Police" sticker on the tailgate.

The cop approaches the truck shining the light in my eyes and asks for my Military ID.

I give it to him he goes back to the car for a min, then comes back.
The cop says to me "Sir do you know your lights are tinted?" It gets better, I then reply with yes and its legal cause you can still see the light with no problem.

He goes back to the car then immediatly returns and then says "I cant seem to remember where i put your licence and registration" as he is handing my CAC card back. I couldnt help but ask "Officer how much have you had to drink tonight"
ROFL. That's funny.

Originally Posted by SB03Ranger View Post
last year at outer banks NC on vaction. with my family, I and my gf, my bro and his gf were leaving the movie theater. i left and turned the wrong way from our house. so i pulled a "U" turn in the middle of the road right in front of a cop, got pulled over. in my parents surburban. i have a TN license there from VA

Cop- not a smart thing to do in front of a cop sir, license please
me-yes i took the wrong direction.
cop comes back-sir are the only one from TN.
Me-no my gf is my brother and gf are from VA
Cop-ok thats good how do you guys say "pecon" Pecan or Pecon?
Me- pecon
Cop-"see what i tell you (speaking to the other cop with him) pecon" ok you guys have great nite

they get in the car and leave lol.

Originally Posted by richarddhoward View Post
Got a party busted one night, half the party ran. Me and four of my buddies sat down at the table playing some drinking game. Our old DARE officer walked in, we were maybe 19 at this point...looks..."What the fuck are you boys doing?"...

I replied "drinking beer with old friends, making some new memories, that we may or may not remember in the morning...How about you?"

He couldn't stop laughing long enough to say much, asked us how we were getting home...we had planned to actually crash there at the house that night...and left us alone lol
LMFAO. This is my favorite one by far.
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