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Default Re: Funniest police comments

last year at outer banks NC on vaction. with my family, I and my gf, my bro and his gf were leaving the movie theater. i left and turned the wrong way from our house. so i pulled a "U" turn in the middle of the road right in front of a cop, got pulled over. in my parents surburban. i have a TN license there from VA

Cop- not a smart thing to do in front of a cop sir, license please
me-yes i took the wrong direction.
cop comes back-sir are the only one from TN.
Me-no my gf is my brother and gf are from VA
Cop-ok thats good how do you guys say "pecon" Pecan or Pecon?
Me- pecon
Cop-"see what i tell you (speaking to the other cop with him) pecon" ok you guys have great nite

they get in the car and leave lol.
its a Ranger
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