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Default Re: Funniest police comments

i thought id give this a bump cuz it seems like a pretty good topic haha

ive never gotten pulled over but during my grad party, the dj was playing his music a little too loud, and since i live out in the outskirts its not necessarily bad. well all of a sudden i see a white ?expedition? pull up into the empty lot next to our house we were using as a parking lot (i have a huge family), park and flash his lights. so me and my dad go up to him. my dad talked to him for a while and i stayed back just in case, after a while i went up and he said to me "i love this song! sorry i cant stay, but can i have a plate of briskit for the drive home??" haha it was super funny, then when he finally turned off his lights and i wasnt blinded by blue, i noticed it was an old friend who actually made the briskit for my party (he owns a restaraunt near where my ranch is and has known my family for ages) all my friends freaked out when they saw him and the dj shitted bricks haha after that he lowered the music some.
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