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Default Sup guys!

Just purchased my 11th ford ranger and decided it was time to join a ranger forum. I've moderated a huge car forum since 2003, but never registered for any ranger forums so this time I decided to.

Bought my first ranger brand new in 1997. I've had every color, combination of trim and version you can come up with in 2wd.

The latest one is a 99, 5 speed, base model. I've never owned a base model before and I'm not feeling it already after .......oh..... 46 minutes of ownership, so I'm looking for all XLT related items (door panels, carpet, sliding rear, etc).

Anywho when I get time I'll get pics of all the rangers I've owned.

Here's the newbie:

Here's some from the past 13 years I've owned. None of the trucks you see are the same, not even the red one's..... if you look close you can tell one red one is my very first '97 and the other is clearly a 94 with a blue dash.

Here are 6 of the one's I've had. Missing pics of 4 others and the 5th is my new one.

The first red one and the second pic both with window banner are my original 1997 I bought and these pics are obviously 13 years old. The '85 custom lowrider beside it I bought 6 months after buying the '97.

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