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Default Re: 93 Ranger V8 with a PT88 turbo

Originally Posted by 2000ranger302 View Post
I've saw this before but didn't respond because it was old and I figured you didn't go on here anymore but wow man, amazing truck seriously bad ass I can't give you enough credit for that build
Yeah I know I take some time off the forums but that is do to work but I'm always around and thank you for your comment, always check back cuz I am not done with it yet lol


Originally Posted by cacher View Post
It's so beautiful, I'm still crying.
Lol thanks
1993 Ford Ranger STX with a BOSS302 4-bolt main block in 5.0L form, Scat crank and rods, Probe pistons, Trickflow twisted wedge heads, intake and fuel rails, Scorpion 1.6 roller rockers, Automotive A1000 fuel pump, Canton oil pan, Mellin high volume oil pump, B&G Custom headers, Precision PT88 Turbo, HPX PMAS MAF, MSD A6L box and distributor, Ford Racing 9 mm spark plug wires, 80 lbs Siemems injectors, stock A9L computer with an SCT 4 bank chip, ford 9-inch rear with coil overs, Tremec TKO500.
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