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Default Re: Braves vs Pirates close be the judge

I remember seeing this on sportscenter. I rewound the DVR and slowed on 1/15th speed as well as going 1/15th speed on ESPN's slow mo replay. The catcher looks like he got him with the top 2 inches of the glove on the mid thigh as he made the swipe.

Three things on that play indicate a call of "out" should have come from the umpire:

1. Throw beat him to the plate.
2. After the swipe, the catcher made no attempt at trying to tag the runner out (because he felt contact with the runner and his glove. An out is an out). If he knew he missed, instinct would cause him to dive back as the runner to make a second attempt at a tag.
3. The runner just stood there for a second with his head down, full well knowing he felt contact with the catcher's glove as well. Only after he realized there was no call from the umpire did he attempt to touch the base.

The call was "safe" because, after 19 innings the umpire crew wanted to go home and this was their "out" (every pun intended).

NOTE: 3 of the 20 voters are Braves fans or fans of division rivals of Pittsburgh.
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