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Well . . .I work for the all the fighting men and women out there. I'm a peon in the the DoD's logistics agency here in PA.

I pretty much pull anything and everything from tiny screws, washers, springs, pins to big pieces of air craft or vehicle parts and send it up the line to the next guy/gal to box up and ship out to what ever military base ordered it.

I also work part time deliverying newpapers for the the local newspaper company. So as you can see my govt job doesn't pay all the bills. My wife is back in school to get her ed. degree, so hopefully in the next 3-4 years we'll be doing better financially.

However I had a conversation with my hopefully new supervisor (our other one sucks as a supervisor). And if you read my thread under Off Topic called "Work" you'll see why. and asked him several questions about what more I can do in the organization. And he's given me some good direction. Which is why I hope he becomes our new supervisor. He's pro active unlike our one we have now.

And when I'm not busy at work I try to keep 4 20 something year olds under control (act a big brother). The other workers keep to themselves.
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