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Default Re: Brand new Ranger. Check Engine Light is on. ODBII codes 0455, 0446, 1633

I remember i was working on evap on a 01 caddy, pos.

But i learned a few things, On that car, i replaced the evap/purge solenoids, had it smoke tested, all that, No leaks, but the codes still came up, It also had a pcm memory code.
I came to the conclusion that the computer was bad, being that they have a tendency to go on gm vehicles.

Or check around your gas cap, also why didnt it have one? If under the gas cap, inside the filler neck, there could be a slight dent in the filler neck around the seal on the cap, basically making that seal useless, could cause those codes.
I may have made that confusing.
there could also be a leak in the vent line?

Being that its brand new, take it back, if its a computer problem or evap leak, they need to fix it
Best to do it asap so that they cant pull some random shit saying they cant do it under warranty
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