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sand 'em. If it's already peeling, you can do alot of the stripping with your thumb....but it sure does take a while and your thumb does start hurtin' hardcore and can't really get all of it off anyway. Sandpaper is the answer. It's the same rubber coating on the radio bezel everybody has to deal with peeling on. Can't go by one person saying you "can't sand it or peel it off...neither work". They probably never touched that piece of the truck.

Sand the rubber coating off using a course grit paper(I use 220), then smooth it down with a higher grit like 600. Then spray as normal. Wipe down with a prep pad, prime or an adhesion promotor, color, clear. Whatever. I've done two or three radio bezels as well as many others have. My buddy did his expo console back when he was still an auto.

Here's my buddy Trevor's old console...

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