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Default Brand new Ranger. Check Engine Light is on. ODBII codes 0455, 0446, 1633

So I just picked up my new Ranger monday. I'm loving it so far.

Today I noticed the check engine light came on. So I went to autozone and got them to read the ODBII codes for me.

0455: EVAP leak detected
0446: EVAP purge/vent solenoid condition
1633: ECM keepalive memory (KAM) voltage too low

When I got the truck, it didn't have a gas cap. They gave me one from the service department and the gas cap light went off. Today these all came on.

So it looks like 0455/0446 are probably related, possibly because there was no cap earlier this week?

I'm not sure about 1633.

Does anyone have experience with these? I was supposed to go out of town tomorrow, is it safe to drive it or should I take it in tomorrow morning?
2011 2.3l XLT Standard
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