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Originally Posted by blueovelboy View Post
looks good and i did the 35% sides and 5% back and it was perfect for me it did tack some geting use to when your used to 20% like my expo and old truck

don't they mess with you in san jo?

Originally Posted by stephen View Post
whats the legal tint for CA? i want to get my front windows tinted. my truck came with the back windows done already and it looks weird not having the front tinted at all.
not enough, here in oregon legal tint is 35 all around, right now i am running 20% on the rear slider with no problems, i am gonna do 35% on the front windows when funds permit

Originally Posted by blueovelboy View Post
Cali tint limit is no tint is legal on the to front windows thats what a cop told me as he said how cool the 35% on mine "looked good and made the truck pop" his own words? so if a cop pulls you over for your tint fight it in cort and tell the judge the officer had sun glass on so how would he know i had tint? it will get tossed out i hope!
the officer would be correct, 35% looks good
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