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Originally Posted by McRanger2001 View Post
Very nice. I am a fan of that indigo blue as well. Looks real nice with the dash components. Hope the cleaning and refurbishing goes well for you man!
Most people don't know the '97 dash was different from the other years, but that was the year they pulled a few special tricks out. Aside of the indiglo dash it was also the only year to have a third power outlet. It was where they put the airbag key down by the ashtray in the newer models.

Originally Posted by mfernandes View Post
Finaly... love your truck man! Those stepside bed are, i dont know... an orgasm!!!

Give ot a noce clean and please post pictures!!!

I also use "Tuff Stuff" forn cleaning my interior... awesome product!!!!!
Yeah man I have used tuff stuff for over a decade. I did the headliner and back wall with it since I couldn't pressure wash them (cardboard backing).

Originally Posted by STL View Post
Sweet find I like the color.
E4 Vermillion red is my fav.

Originally Posted by Kerick View Post
You really cleaned the hell out of that thing it looks amazing...wanna do mine next? haha
You have to start on a friday morning and end on a sunday evening.

Originally Posted by Maniac View Post
looks great man. deffinetly a nice lookin truck

Originally Posted by Fordzilla80 View Post
I'm digging the indigo blue color.

Did you buy this one?
See OP

Originally Posted by Clinton View Post
Very cool man. Best of luck with it!

Originally Posted by HazardousRanger View Post
ur something else man, lol glad you finally found the "right" ranger
OH man I am so happy. It's slower than the 2.5L and the i-beams don't handle as well as the A-arms, but I've never been happier with a ranger since 1997. (had 14 of them total, but never a red 97 since then).

Originally Posted by 2004xlmiller View Post
that thing looks clean. what are your plans for it?
see last post above
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