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Default Re: '02 Ranger jittery oil gauge

My truck has done the same for quite some time. Recently, due to the jitters, the needle on the gauge flipped completely around counter-clockwise and was stuck below the small pin it normally rested on. I had to open the dash and use a small wire to catch it and move it back into position. I did not want this to happen again, so I had the oil pressure sensor replaced. Now, it will still have the jitters, but not so violently. I use 5w-30 Valvoline Max Life, and have used that for some time. I change engine oil every 2-3 thousand miles. It does not burn oil or leak, and I am exceeding 224 thousand miles, (on my way to 400!).

By the way, the mechanic searched for the sensor location for nearly 2 hours, getting bad advice from friends. Fortunately, I was only billed for 1/2 labor after I brought in my Haynes manual and found it in an illustration.
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