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Default Re: Front End Swap guide 1998-2000

Originally Posted by 4evermodding View Post
I just saw this, I converted from my 01 non foglight bumper/valance, and replaced it with a 05 painted bumper/fog, So tell me, was I suppose to swap my bumper brackets from my original stock to the 05 front end? and why would I have to do that?

p.s maybe this is the reason my dam front end wont line up right, one side has a bigger gap between the header panel and the bumper than the other side. anyways I guess if the answer is yes, that would mean i need to buy some bumper brackets for a 01 front end and swap them over to the newer 05 front end Right?
4evermodding- did you ever figure this out? My front end is kinda jacked up thanks to hitting a doe a few years back. I'm thinking about sticking with my stock honeycomb grill, but I plan on converting to an '04+ Edge bumper w/ square fogs. Will this work? Will I need to use the '04+ brackets?
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