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Default Re: '02 Ranger jittery oil gauge-update

Figured I my as well update this.

After talking with several mechanics, So, after trying a bit of a heavier oil, and that didn't do the trick, I decided to try a bit of Lucas Oil. Several mechanics recommended it (including my uncle), and said it 's good stuff and wouldn't hurt anything.

The truck has a bit over 100K miles, and I figure that maybe it's worn just enough somewhere in there that it isn't feeding the sender QUITE enough pressure when it's hot, and it comes down quickly to idle.

Since it's been running the recommended 5W-20 since new, I figured the combo of slight wear and thin oil may be contributing. So, after experimenting through a couple of oil changes, it seems to be fine adding about 4 qts. of oil first, adding about 1/2 bottle of Lucas, then topping it off with oil.

I've only seen the gauge jump, mildly, a couple times since I started doing that...and that was after long drives on the highway. It seemed the engine also had just a slight little 'hiccup' after decelerating to idle, and that's when it happened. Otherwise, it seems fine.

I have religiously maintained the truck since new, but, it's a machine and all mechanical parts wear, eventually. Anyway, seems fine, for now.
It definitely doesn't smoke (the tailpipe looks clean as new), and runs fine otherwise. Seems thickening up the oil...just a bit...helped.

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