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Default Re: Have you ever thought about Revoking your Gf,Wife,Fiancee's Credit cards?

Originally Posted by Twisty View Post
All is good until one of you gets ill or something happens that interrupts the income flow.
Nowadays, one missed or late payment and you may get hammered.
Auto insurance is now tied to credit score - here at least.

I spent about 8 years healing my credit. The GF splits, I'm unemployed and the mortgage is late. Set me right back to the starting point in 2 months.

It is Hammertime and that is no joke!
Its ridiculous now days

Originally Posted by Fordzilla80 View Post
In all honesty, if she's spending the money like that, you need to have a talk with her about it. A few clothes every now and then is okay, but what you stated is a bad thing. If she's not willing to talk about it, then you need to assume that she's never gonna assume financial responsibility and that either you need to control the accounts, or need to realize that so and so is not the kind of person you should be with. Her activity will run you into the ground so fast it's not even funny.
Going to talk with her tonight I am prob going to take over the accounts.
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Originally Posted by OlYeller View Post
Yes. I will say this, and this is the only time I think I will ever say it, so you better brace yourself.....But, you were right Ricky...
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and theres a difference between a smart buy and a "look at my little dick" buy, like a cts-v
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