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Default I dub thee, LFT!

2001 Mazda B-3000 2wd 5 spd. Bought with 93xxx miles for $4400.00
Also the trucks still in progress.

I bought the truck in Tennessee. Was down there for the August bristol race and came across it, ended my 3 month search for a truck.

Towed back to jersey with this beast.

1st Mod, Under tailgate lights

New headerpanel, drivers headlight, and new front bumper installed, took me about 2 weeks to get it aligned somewhat properly.

Accident. A subaru rear ended me going down rt 35. $2800.00 worth of repairs paid by him. Cant see it, but my drivers side rear fender is all messed up

This pissed me off the most, all that hard work, gone......

2nd mod My custom switch panel and cb
Now controls my aux backup lights and all my strobes.

3rd mod 10in Kicker Comp w/ custom box for ranger and Kicker ZR240 Amp, cant hear it outside the truck really, but you can inside, and thats what counts.

Winter fun and work

New wheels bought off of Scott5640

Add a leaf

Bodyshop, about 2 months after accident, had the 350 while the truck was in

Working on stripping the wheels

Got the truck back a month later, next day it got its exhaust

Some random pic taken while going down the parkway at like 70.

Wheels are done being painted.

Remounted my ultra gauge

Wheels on the truck

Curt tow hitch with 2x 55w aux lights

Camping pics

Stobes... All the way around, and still more to come.

Random Pic

FX2 Off road decals,
First attempt went bad

Second Attempt and final result!

Updated the under tailgate lights to led and went even crazier with reflective tape.


A tad bit of flex and some random pics from the other day...

BackRacks on!

As of now thats about it, Everything else should be coming soon tho.
2001 Mazda B-3000 CabPlus "FX2 Off Road"| 3.0 | 5 SPD | 3 In Spindle Lift | Belltech Shackles | UltraGauge |Alpine Head / 10" Kicker Setup | Air Box Mod | Add-A-Leaf| Thrush Welded B4 Rear Wheel | Kobalt Box | Cobra 19 DX IV | Custom PA Speaker | Front/Rear Tow Receiver | 2X Aux Lights | Hideaway Strobes | Back Rack Safety Rack | Amber LED Strobes | Blue LED Strobes | 265/75/R16 General Grabber AT2's
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