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Default Re: *** the official fishing thread***

the way i started into bass fishing was getting a few packs of zoom plastics and either texas rigging them weightless or wacky rigging them. throw it out there and let it sit for a few seconds and just start twitching the rod every so often and slowly reeling it in. once you find where the bass are at you will start tearing them up. for bluegill (called bream around here) just use nightcrawler pieces with small hooks and cast near sunken tree limbs. havent fished for crappie in a few years but the only way i ever caught any was with live minnows and trolling through different coves at the lake. i just started getting into catfishing. carolina rigging cut brim or whole brim works pretty good for the big boys. for small channel catfish under 10 pounds i use some catfish charlies dip bait and it works great. all of my rods and reels are spinning, they are the easiest to use for me.
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