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Default Re: *** the official fishing thread***

Originally Posted by 01_ranger_4x4 View Post
Its funny this thread came up. Last night I went to a Ducks Unlimited dinner and I won a really nice bait-casting rod and reel setup. Its a Quantum reel with a Carrot Stix rod. Now Ive been fishing my entire life but Im only experienced with spinning reels and cane poles so Ive got no idea how this bait-casting reel works. (ive wanted one for years though) Ive heard they are tricky to use but are awesome when they are mastered. I was casting around my backyard with it today and I did ok but man these things like to birds nest like crazy! Any pointers from the fishing pro's here?

oh yeah, a pic of the stuff I won, pretty sweet haul!


Also, how the hell is there a fishing thread and Dixie has not posted in it? lol
your gonna birds nest that bait caster so bad, just take your time learning and its pretty fun, i still prefer spinning though

---also can we post pictures in this thread of fish that we and our siblings have caught?
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