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Default Re: How did you aquire your ranger?

Originally Posted by brinker88 View Post
I wanna here them stories people! Tell me how/where/when you found and bought your ranger.
Long story so skip if you dont wanna read past 5 words lol

Emilie's Beetle was showing its age and VWisms lol so we decided that it would be best that she inherited my car and I bought my first truck (waited 6 yrs for one)... Want a Taco/frontier Manual Crew Cab. Found a few good used ones for early $20K with decent miles but It would be pushing my budget. I wanted some more in the teens and perferably newer then what I was finding.

Starting looking at extended cab Tacos that were more in my price range, but decided if I might as well go Extended cab, might as well go Ranger - Bseries. Started looking at used ones and the ones I liked were $16-$18K with 8.9% interesting ($355-$410 a month). Saw the rebate of Ford for $6,000 off and decided to price a new one. Well it came to just under $20,000 with 6.9%. Test drove a brand new Sport 4x4 black base ranger (had Ac and nothing else) and love it. Love the colour love the truck so I ordered my truck the way you see it today for $18,845 at $400 a month. Couldnt be happier perhaps an aftermarket exhaust lol

Would rather not state where I bought it from since I have had issues with that dealership and dont want to get annoyed with slander accusations lol

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