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well you say your fishing for anything hmmm...well not sure if your familiar with a spinning real or just the push buttons ha, whatever suits you, get a pack of bobbers some 10lb flourocarbon line(clearer so the fish wont see it) and size like 4 or 5 hooks nothing to big and just start of with worms, its as basic as i can get. But when you start to bass fish i would just use that same like a bigger hook like a size 2 and weedless hook it so you dont get hung as much meaning start with the worm(soft plastic worm such as Yum, Gary Yamamota etc, dont buy anything to bright colors get naturual, MATCH YOUR BAIT COLOR WITH THE WATER,) start with the worm belly side hook it barely through the take the hook out the other side run it up onto the line, then take the other loose part and hook it so the point and barb on the hook are inside the worm, you may think this will keep the fish from staying on but when pressure is applied it slides up the line and gets hooked. Now for catfish- fairly simple as well, EXCEPT i suggest thicker more durable line such as 25-30 lb...stay away from braided lines...just take you a weight 3/4 ounce id say get it on there then take about the same size #2 hook probably bigger and get chicken livers, cat fish love me......this is as basic as i can get. Any questions just ask away!
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