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Smile Hello Fellow Ranger Lovers!

Being new to the Ranger Forum I hope to gain new friends and a lot of advice. Best vehicle ever purchased? 1999 Ranger stepside (10 years ago). Worst thing I did (vehicle wise) sold it 7 years ago. 2nd best vehicle purchased? 1997 Ranger last week. This one I will keep and restore! I have been working with a disabled friend to fix up Rangers and reselling them. We love Rangers and have become pretty familiar with northern Indiana and southern Michigan as well as the area junkyards. I have been reading alot of the posts, have seen some great looking trucks out there, and have gotten some good ideas. I hope to be talking to you all in the near future.

Have A Good One
1997 Ranger Stepside with 2.3L Engine and std. 5 speed Transmission She has 158K and a great body that a great shade of what I would call "Midnight Blue".
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