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Default Re: can i tow with my 2.3??

Originally Posted by Rango88 View Post
1300 lbs shouldnt be too heavy for the 2.3 unless its some serious mountains. I would down shift in 2nd or 3rd and reduce speed below the speed limit with the hazards if the mountain is that serious. my dads 2003 nissan frontier 2.4L 4 cyl with the same power as your 2.3 towed a 3,000 pound trailer up some serious hills.
Well thats what i thought to. I've had 3 rangers and none have acted like this. I'm downshifting to second and pulling it at 25 mph and it still gets hot. It has never actually boiled out but still the temp gauge shouldnt even move up. I've replaced the fan clutch and that didnt help. I dont know what else it could be. I looked at the owners manual and it said 1600lbs on towing. I figure with the trailer and the Polaris I'm at maybe 1700, but still.......
It's a ranger, nothing special.
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