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Default Re: The Shit list....

Alright here is my Shit List:

1. People who live on welfare for years and years and just keep on poppin out more kids that you, me, and everone else in this country has to foot the bill for. I know that some people really need help, but welfare was not initially intended to sustain your lifestyle, but rather help you get through hard times until you could get on your feet again. I think that to qualify for welfare, you should have to submit periodic drug tests, and if you are on welfare and you can't stop havin kids, then you should have to get your tubes tied.

2. These young punk little dweebs that walk around the mall cussing at the top of their lungs while I'm walkin around with my little cousins. Hey I have a sailor's mouth myself, but at least I have the respect to know when it's appropriate and when it isn't.

Well that's just two on the list but if I go any further I'll be up all night lol. Peace guys, and long live the Ranger.
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