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Default Re: The Shit list....

1. People who say your instead of you're. I especially hate calling them out on it (on facebook or forums) only to get a response of "it's just facebook, it's not a big deal." Although it is quite fun when I call them out and their reply has other spelling or grammatical errors.

2. Asians who go to school in AMERICA and can't speak a word of English. I'm not racist, my most recent ex was Asian but spoke perfect English, I just can't understand why you would come to school here and not have a clue as to what is being said, and only ever speak your native language and not even TRY to learn.

3. MTV/VH1: what the hell happened to it being "Music TV" or "Video Hits 1"??? I don't give two squirts of piss about the cast of Jersey Shore being in Italy, and apparently Italy doesn't either.

4. George W. Bush. Fuck that guy.

5. That son of a bitch who hit my truck in the work parking lot last summer and didn't leave a note. What a pile of crap.
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