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Default Re: Anyone know a Cheap lift???

You can always go the cheap route and stack washers up upder your coil. Cheap and easy. You'll need a 3" diameter washer with 3/4" hole through it. Also need 2 new longer bolts 3/4 bolt by I believe 8 inches long. That's for the front, and for the rear, get chevy shackles and stock blocks from a 2wd F150 (one inch taller than stock ranger block). New u=bolts for the rear and you're good to go. Looking at probably $150 total plus an alignment if you need it. Thats the CHEAP route, which i would NOT do if yuo plan on Daily driving it. Otherwise, get yourself some leveling coils and some shackles for the rear. Good luck and happy wrenching.


Originally Posted by cdawall View Post
i believe you are incorrect. hence why you see a bunch of them old rangers running 235/75R15s on the 2WD vs 265/75R15 on the 4x4s
Actually 2wd ranger coils are taller than 4wd coils due to the thinner I-beam in them.
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