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Default Re: Body Lift Questions

On my 05 we had to modify the fuel extension. The one the kit includes it to small.

Originally Posted by STL View Post
Figured I would throw this in there. Some people choose to use the summit lift for a 98-2000 ranger on the newer trucks it will work but may require some modding of the rear bumper brackets and then a different fuel neck.

Here is what we came up with on my 05 for the fuel neck. We cut the hose in half then went to lowes and got a 4.5" long pipe threaded on both ends. it is 1" in diameter. Cost like 2 dollars

Now when on the truck we pushed it all the way till it was touching the stock metal part that comes down and then put the hose clamp right at the edge of the pipe. There is still at least 1.5" after the hose clam on the tank side

2005 Edge

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