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Default Re: Our New House!!!!!!!!!!!

First Hurdle FTL:

The power got turned on today. On my lunch, went in and turned on all the breakers. When I flipped the one that controls the A/C, it makes a noise in the breaker box like a popping noise, but it doesnt sound like electrical popping. Then the breaker flips off. Damnit. Welcome to Home Ownership lol

After talking it over with a few people, it could be:
  • bad breaker
  • short
  • bad compressor

First thing is first, gonna unplug the disconnect at the unit and flip the breaker. If it still does it, its either a short or the breaker. If it does nothing, I know its probably in the ac unit itself. Im no electrician or hvac guy, but have a little common sense. But any help would be greatly appreciated
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